Lessons in sculpture techniques.
€ 30 per 3-hour lesson, in a series of 5 lessons in sequence. Excluding materials.
Location: Kievitsweg 28a, Grijpskerk.
If you cannot attend a lesson, you can catch up in the first or second group.
Group size: maximum 6 persons.

Every last Saturday of the month, I teach a full-day drawing, painting and modelling class. Two and a half hours in the morning and two and a half hours in the afternoon with a delicious lunch in between. And of course, coffee and tea will be ready all day.
Cost: € 125 for a full day’s tuition, materials, coffee, tea and lunch.
Materials: charcoal, pencil, conté, paper, acrylic paint, canvas, clay, boards and tools to be used.
If you follow for several days, I will give you a 15% discount.

1 day of drawing, painting and modelling
In your own way, because individuality, being unique, is expressed in your work. In a familiar environment, you can experiment, nothing is too crazy and you will learn basic skills that you can use to develop further. How will you shape ( what will you shape): will you make drawings, paintings or sculptures? What are you going to shape? And what does that require? Technique? Experience? Vision? I can guide or direct you very well so that you are able to show what you want to show. Every last Saturday of the month, you can model, draw or paint with me under my guidance. Call it a workshop. You can completely go your own way, but I am also happy to pass on my knowledge to you. Your work is the starting point, your authentic work. A creative day, together with 5-6 others. You can come up with your own design or specific questions, or make the piece on the spot.
My name is Marianne J Jansen and I am a visual artist. Not only an artist but for almost 40 years a freelance teacher. At the age of 16, I decided to become a visual artist. A beautiful profession. Examples around: the Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, where I grew up, provided plenty of examples. And as a teacher, I developed a passion, to pass on, what is possible and how to make skills your own in your own way.
Come along with your wishes, and I will see, how we can interpret them together. Materials are included, paper, drawing materials, canvas, acrylic paint and clay. And of course, you can use the brushes I make available for the participants. There will be a delicious lunch at noon, keeping your energy up!

Drawing and painting workshop in Sardinia.
This year again to Sardinia in a beautiful location: Mascaratu Country Houses, between Arzachena and Cannigione! I will give a drawing and painting workshop from 14 to 19 April 2024, 6 days course!
This workshop is ideal for both beginners and advanced painters. Participants will capture the beautiful surroundings of the Emerald Coast in a sketchbook or on paper and canvas using a variety of techniques, including sketching, colour mixing, painting and finding new ways to develop ideas in an imaginative way. I will lead you through this creative journey and let you discover the beautiful region and flora of the Emerald Coast. We want to keep the group intimate this time for personal attention, a maximum of 12 participants per week.

Optional: excursions, including a visit to an archaeological site, a walk along the beach and possible dive, a visit to a market and a visit to a local town. Excursions depend on the weather and final participants. Bring a sunny and flexible mood, a bikini or swimsuit, good shoes and a sporty outfit, we want you to experience the real Sardinia!

6 days course, 7 overnight stays, 7 x breakfast and 7x dinner or lunch.
Location: Mascaratu
Cost: € 1045, excluding travel costs, insurance and excursions. Transport on-site is not included. Depending on registrations, it will be decided whether it is better to hire two people`s cars or one minivan.